Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ten Day You Challenge - Post 5 : Six Places

Post Five for Day Five of Ten Day You Challenge from Preeti's blog is  6 Places :

The Six Places that I have mentioned are the ones which are on my wish list as places to visit...

The Six Places are :

1)Venice - City in Italy renowned for its wonderful architecture and artworks.
2) Switzerland - Yash Chopra films were incomplete without song and dance in Switzerland :))
3) London and Countryside in England - The effect of reading Enid Blyton, Jane Austen and Agatha Christie. The high tea in the countryside.
4) Maldives - Breathtaking beautiful.
5) Prague and Budapest- Brilliant Architecture.
6) Paris- The French capital situation on river Seine has to be on the dream vacation list of most people.

Coming up Next : Post 6 : Five Foods

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