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Gajar Halwa - Sweet Beginning to the 7 day Blogging Marathon

Finally after months I am back to blogging again, motivated and inspired by Srivalli to join her 7 Day Blogging Marathon...
I was awed to read about her 31 days Marathon, which I could not join and had decided to join any such Marathons in future so that i get back to my blogging ways :))
So when she announced her 7 Day Blogging Marathon, I was game for it immediately.......
The best part about joining the Blogging Marathon is getting to know amazing fellow bloggers and their wonderful recipes....Added bonus is all of us have to visit each others blogs and comment... This exercise will go a long way in bettering our respective blogs...Personally for me, due to personal and work commitments, I was completely inactive from blogging for months.. so this was the best motivation to get back to blogging again with a bang :))

Here's wishing All the very Best to My wonderful fellow bloggers participating in this 7 Day Blogging Marathon :
Azeema, Bhagi, Champa, Gayathri Anand, Gayathri Kumar, Harini, Jay, Meena, Minu, Padma,
Pavani, PJ, Priya Mahadevan, Priya Suresh, Priya Vasu, Santosh, Saraswathi, Savitha, Shanavi,
Smitha, Sowmya, Srivalli, Suma, Usha, Veena

" Maa Kehti Hain Achchye Kaam Ki Shuruwat Hamesha Meethe se Hoti hain......Toh Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye" .......
( The literal translation of this Hindi sentence is : Lets begin with something my mother says that before beginning any good work one should always have something sweet)
So in true Hindi film style, kick starting the Blogging Marathon with a desert - The famous "Gajar Ka Halwa" which is eaten by any and every hero made by his mother to commemorate any joyous occasions in Hindi it the hero returning home or clearing his B.A. exams in first class... the "Gajar Ka Halwa" is mandatory :))

My theme is Special Choice (One dish from all below daily) -

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So, Day One of the Blogging Marathon is "Sweets"

So, without further ado, sharing my mothers recipe for " Gajar Ka Halwa" or Carrot Halwa

Gajar Ka Halwa

Ingredients :
Grated Carrots - 2 cups
Milk - 1 cup
Ghee - 1 tablespoons
Sugar - 1/2 cup (more or less to be adjusted as per individual tastes)
Khoya - 1/2 cup
Nutmeg / Jaiphal powder - 1/4 teaspoon

For garnishing -
Cashews - 10 / 12


Wash the carrots and peel the skins if carrots are muddy. Otherwise slice off the carrot head and grate the carrots with the skins.
Heat ghee in a heavy bottom pan / kadhai.
Add the grated carrots in ghee and stir.
Cover with a heavy lid and let the carrots get cooked for some time till they become very soft.
Add milk slowly and keep on stirring.
Do not add the entire milk in one go.
Keep on adding milk as required.
Heat a separate pan and add khoya and stir continuously. This will prevent lumps for forming and also make it easier for the khoya to be absorbed in the mixture. Adding frozen khoya from refrigerator will make it difficult for the cold khoya to be absorbed.
Do not increase the heat for the khoya and stir continuously less the khoya will get burnt and become brown/black in color.
Cover with a lid after adding khoya to the carrot-milk mixture and let it cook for 15/20 mins.
When the khoya, carrots and milk become one, then add sugar.
Sugar should also be added as per personal tastes and requirements.
It is better to add some sugar initially and then increase the sugar as per taste.
After adding sugar in the mixture, cover the pan with a heavy lid and let it cook on a slow flame for close to one hour.
Stir in between and check the mixture otherwise if unchecked the mixture will start getting burnt.
When the entire sugar has dissolved and the milk & khoya has been absorbed then turn the heat off.
Add Nutmeg / Jaiphal powder to the halwa after turning off the heat.
Garnish with cashews and serve.

Gajar ka Halwa may be either served hot with ice-cream or can be refrigerated and served chilled.
Personally I feel it is better to prepare "Gajar Ka Halwa" a day in advance and let it sit for one day. The next day it tastes even better.

So, serving "Gajar ka Halwa" for Day One of the 7 Day Blogging Marathon.....

Come back tomorrow for the next recipe.....


Minu said...

Nutmeg is a nice addition.
an all time favourite

Santosh Bangar said...

what nice begniing withsweet yummy halwa
i am also part of this do visit

Gayathri Kumar said...

The halwa looks so inviting..

sowmya's creative saga said...

wow great sweets and this halwa is always a favourite..

Priya said...

Halwa looks delicious, yummy and truly beautiful..

rekhas kitchen said...

Perfect winter special looks so delicious.

PJ said...

Nice way to start the marathon.Halwa looks so tempting!

Srivalli said...

Looking great Rujuta..glad to have you for the marathon..

veena krishnakumar said...

yummmm. I love gajar halwa. Can i have some now??????

Smitha said...

wow....I love gajar ka halwa...tempting!


savitha ramesh said...

lovely gajar halwa......thanks for sharing.....can u change my name as savitha not savithri

Jayashree said...

You've chosen a widely liked dish to begin the marathon with. Look fwd to all the yummy dishes you'll be cooking up for the next one week.

Anonymous said...


Shanavi said...

Adding nutmeg is a good thing and u've got it rt..following u
Am also a part of this event...Do visit


Usha said...

Delicious! always nice to start an event with a sweet note.. :-)

BangaloreBaker said...

Halwa looks good.

harini-jaya said...

Good one..Nutmeg is a nice addition!

Saras said...

flavor full halwa & my all time favorite tooo

Mina Joshi said...

The gajar halwa looks so delicious. I would love it hot with sme icecream please!!

PriyaVaasu said...

Delicious!!!! All time fav sweet!!!

Suma Gandlur said...

Always wondered why the heroine brought a dessert dabba to the hungry hero:)
Looks gorgeous.

Rujuta said...

@ Minu : Yes...nutmeg is my favorite as well
@ Santosh : Thanks...will def visit
@ Gayathri Kumar : try it
@ Sownya : Thanks for visiting and ur encouragement
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@ Rekha :yes..perfect for winters
@ PJ : Thanks for visiting and ur encouragement
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@ Veena : U r welcome anytime :)
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U r welcome to halwa anytime :))
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@ Suma : U bet.. thats exactly why :))Thanks for visiting and ur encouragement

Smita said...

Looks Yummm... First time on your place.. it looks nice... :)

Apani Rasoi said...

Very Nice Blog.
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