Monday, July 18, 2011

Ten Day You Challenge - Post 2 : Nine Loves

Post Two for Day Two of Ten Day You Challenge from Preeti's blog is  9 Loves :

Nine Loves are :

1) Family :My greatest strength and biggest support system.
2) Friends : My BFFs..cannot live without u guys..They have been with me through thick and thin...
3) Cousins : They are more like my best friends and I share amazing bond with them ...
4) Books, books and more books : I love reading ( and that's an understatement) I think the biggest joy for me will be to spend time in bookstores, window shopping and admiring books. I dream of owning so many books that my house will resemble a library {the rest of the family members are still recovering from shock after I voiced my dream :)}
5) Music : Definitely food for the soul.
6) Cooking : I enjoy cooking and am always watching the various food shows or reading up on food books.
7)Dancing: I learnt classical dance for some years as a kid and I love to watch all forms of dance.....
8)Photography: I aim to learn this art someday and capture the beautiful scenic beauty around us.
9)TV and films: we all love watching it ...dont we?

Coming up Next : Post Three - Eight Fears

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