Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ten Day You Challenge - Post 4 : Seven Wants

Post Four for Day Four of Ten Day You Challenge from Preeti's blog is  7 Wants :

 My Seven Wants are :

Actually wants are too many but the seven wants that I can think up immediately are mentioned :))

1) To be mentally and physically Fit & Healthy : Mental and physical good health are the most important things in life.Like they say, "Health is Wealth"
2) To own all possible books and have a library at home
3) To own a wonderful digital camera
4) To have dream holiday in Venice or countryside in England or Prague..
5) To have my own website
6) To have a dream job :))
7) Of course, to write my own books :))

Coming up next : Post 5 - Six Places.....

1 comment:

Priya Sreeram said...

may all your wants translate in to happiness for you- hope you are bale to fulfill all your dreams !!