Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ten Day You Challenge - Post 6 : Five Foods

Post Six for Day Six of Ten Day You Challenge from Preeti's blog is  5 Foods :

I am a foodie and my love for food has translated into my love for cooking...
It is extremely difficult to choose five foods but here we go...

1) Thalipeeth :
A typical Maharashtrian dish to be eaten with loni (cream) or dahi (curd)

2) Kadhi Khichadi : 
The Ultimate comfort food. 

3)Pohe :
Typical Maharashtrian breakfast dish.. I will be blogging about it soon...

4) Paneer : 
I love paneer..I can have paneer in any form ...starters, salad, parathas, dry side, with gravy, paneer bhurji..paneer pav bhaji..paneer biryani..

5) Mushrooms :
Lovely and delicious..

Coming up Next : Post 7 : Four Books

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