Saturday, May 30, 2009

Flashback & Rewind ...........My first attempt at blogging

I had written something in October 2006 (my first attempt at blogging) on

The same is reproduced below........... Its Flashback & Rewind Time..............

"Hi...Since this is my first attempt to write something, I hope all my well wishers will excuse me in case I go off track...I have decided to write about things that I generally like and enjoy...could be books (my first love), films or television progs, sports (with the cricket fever gripping the nation right now) or any other current event that I feel like writing about... My first blog should ideally have being about a book...but surprise, surprise its about a film that I watched recently and I just can’t stop myself from raving about it to one and all ...Most of you must have guessed it by now. Yes... It is none other than "DOR"...Directed by Nagesh Kukunoor.Starring Gul Panag,Ayesha Takia and Shreyas Talpade.... I absolutely loved the movie, brilliant acting by the entire cast including cameos by Prateeshka Lonkar ,Girish Karnad and Nagesh Kukunoor himself. The movie is a must watch of all you movie lovers wanting to see a movie that appeals to your sensibilities. The movie is shot in Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan. This is a story of two women...who are as different from each other as chalk and cheese, one hailing from cold mountains of Himachal Pradesh & the other from hot deserts of Rajasthan, one Muslim the other Hindu, one who is extremely strong & the other meek & submissive... One who knows her mind and speaks it too, the other taught not to have any mind of her circumstances and destiny force the two to meet and how that meeting changes the lives of both (there is one more story running parallel regarding the actual reason for them meeting but I will not give away the entire story here)... Excellent script and brilliant acting from the entire cast sure makes this movie a must watch for all those of you genuinely interested in watching a good, sensible movie... That’s all for now..."

Dor remains one of my favourite movie..
Its a must watch & all those who still haven't seen it..........U all are missing something special...........

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